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It’s really no secret that I lack skills in the photo taking department.  I have tried to capture memories on film, but have failed.  I can blame it on my kids wildness and their inability to smile right, or that they wiggle too much, but let’s be honest, I pretty much stink at taking pictures.  When I need cute photos of my kids, I need to call in the professionals.

From my family photo shoot with Goofyfoot Photography

I am in awe of what a good photographer can do.  A good photographer has the unique ability to take what I think is an absolutely chaotic event and transform it into an amazing memory.  Good photographers can capture the essence of a family in all their wildness and in all their glory.

I’ve asked two photographers to give us their top three tips on how to prepare for a successful family picture day.

From Laura Joyce, Goofyfoot Photography:
1.  Don’t expect your kids to perform perfectly.  In my humble opinion, kids look best when they’re having fun and doing (somewhat) what they want to be doing and not when they’re being forced to sit still and smile.  We all know how a 3 yr old looks when they give you that crooked, fake smile “CCCHHHHHEEEEEZZZ!”  Whether it’s playing with a stick, running in the sand or just cuddling up next to you, some of my favorite shots are those where families were just being natural with one another.  Get that posed family shot done and over with first so you can get to work on having some fun.  You’ll appreciate the photos so much more.

Photos by Goofyfoot Photography

2. Coordinate, but don’t go all matchy-matchy with the clothing.  It looks too contrived and just a little “weird” for lack of a better word.  That said, coordinating colors is a great way to get uniformity in your photos without looking like you tried too hard.  So don’t wear red and put your daughter in pink.  Try to do pastels together, primary colors or neutrals together.  And stay away from big patterns.  Let your shiny selves make the statement for the photos.

Photos by Goofyfoot Photography

3.  Maybe the most important.  RELAX.  Don’t be late, don’t stress yourself out with minute details.  Be prepared, put stuff in the car the night before it you have to, plan for parking (bring meter money) and try to stay calm.  I know this can be the most challenging when wrangling children.  Nobody wants those furrowed brow lines or psycho eyes from yelling at your kids in the family picture.  Have fun because ultimately the fun times are what you want to remember about your life together, right?  Why not let the photos reflect that?

Photos by Goofyfoot Photography

Laura Joyce of Goofyfoot Photography is an avid photographer specializing in photojournalism.  You can learn more about her photography services on her website.

From Tami Logan, 4:8 Photography:
1.  When choosing your photographer, always check their price list. You never want to have a great family photo shoot to find out that the cost to have your favorite family photos printed through your photographer will break the bank.  Some photographers require you to buy prints through them and you will be stuck with their printing prices.  Find out if there are separate fees to buy the proofs or if the proofs are included in the session price.  All photographers have different policies on proofs, so find out beforehand what your photographers policy is.

Family Portrait by 4:8 Photography

2.  Every photographer is their own artist. Take a look at the photographers look-book and make sure the style of photos you see reflect your family style and personality.

Photo by 4:8 Photography

3.  Always talk to past clients to see how they felt about their session. Recommendations and referrals are your best resources when choosing a photographer. A photographer may have beautiful pictures on their website, but listening to a past clients experience will help you get a good idea of the photographers work style.

Photo by 4:8 Photography

Tami Logan of 4:8 Photography is passionate about capturing unplanned, not staged, imperfectly perfect moments for you and your family.  You can learn more about her photography service on her website.

Have your recently had your  family portraits done?  Do you have any tips on how you maintained a serene atmosphere during your photo shoot?  Please share!

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