Haute Taste: Neuhaus Chocolates

Hi, my name is Chantalle and i’m a chocoholic. Seriously. I eat a piece, sometimes two, every day. At one point it got so bad that I quit chocolate cold turkey…and got a terrible headache. My absolute favorite chocolates are of the dark, almost bitter variety. While I won’t say no to any piece of dark chocolate, there is one brand in particular that will always make me smile: Neuhaus.

Neuhaus is a world famous luxury Belgian chocolatier, founded  in 1857. You know when something has been around for so long, that it must be good. Besides the chocolates, the company is also known for it’s famous ‘ballotin’ box, which was designed by Jean Neuhaus II’s wife in 1915. To this day, the chocolates are still made in Belgium, and exported all over the world.

Growing up in Belgium, there definitely was no shortage of good chocolate. But my parents always bought Neuhaus, and nothing even comes close to it in taste and texture. I’ve tried some famous French chocolates, and they’re still missing some depth and richness that I instantly taste when eating Neuhaus chocolates.

Unfortunately for me, the few Neuhaus stores that we had in Los Angeles closed a few years ago, and I had run out of my stash that I bought when I was in Brussels in January. Also, since I like to gift these to my dear friends, I found myself Neuhaus-less. Luckily, a very sweet friend of mine was able to bring back a few large ballotins from the New York store (you lucky, lucky New Yorkers!). You can customize the ballotin any which way you want. I like to request all dark – but you can mix it up or request all milk.

Isn’t the image just perfection? This particular beauty is called Séduction…a nougatine filled with raspberry fresh cream. One of my faves. Every box of chocolates comes with a small booklet to help you figure out what exactly you’re eating. I prefer to just dig in and figure it out myself, since I know they’re all good.

From the packaging, to the actual chocolates, the whole product is exquisite. As such, the prices are quite high, so don’t be shocked! You can get them for much cheaper in Belgium (I knew I should have bought way more when I was there!). Since we can’t all just jet over to Brussels to pick up these chocolates, there is a US site where you can order the chocolates online, or you can call one of the New York stores and the sales associate will be more than happy to help you out. Shipping from New York to LA is $25.

Sorry I made you drool!

Chantalle (Los Angeles)



  1. TripOrTreats wrote:

    Ok, I guess I know what I’m bringing you from NY. lol

  2. mj wrote:

    I heart Neuhaus! They’re my faves. Would totally buy boxes of bonbons whenever I went to Belgium back in the day. I haven’t found them in NY, only Leonidas chocolates — which are incomparable :)

  3. drollgirl wrote:

    ack. i haven’t had any sugar in four days, and this post is KILLING ME! i am sure i will go back to chocolate sooner or later — i always do! and i love it when it is dark and rich! :)

  4. Haute Mom wrote:

    These look heavenly!!! I want!

  5. Thomas wrote:

    Hi, I saw your post today and i liked it pretty much.

    Just wanted to say, that I work at the company which made the packagings for neuhaus. They order a lot and we produce them. we also produce the brown series and the red once with the emossings.

    Greetings from switzerland

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