Haute To-Do: UV Gel Nails

I have a problem with nail polish. First off, my nails seem to break on a daily basis. Second, nail polish always ends up chipping within 2 days of a manicure. And lastly, I bite my nails.  That’s probably why I prefer to keep my nails short, and polish-free.

The other day, a home-service nail spa that I use sms’d me that they now have UV Gel nail polish that keeps polish fresh and chip-free for up to 3-weeks. I gathered, this could be the answer to my high-maintenance problems. I scheduled for a mani/pedi session for Sunday night… and decided to try this UV Gel polish that I’ve been hearing about.

The first step is to choose your nail polish color. The color chart is necessary because the polish is covered by an opaque seal that prevents it from being exposed to the sun.

There are several brands of UV gel polish in the market, but Jennifer Lynn Professional seems to have very good reviews, so I knew I would get long-lasting nails that promise to stay intact all through Easter weekend.

Next up is to apply the base coat, cure it in the UV machine for 2 minutes, then apply the colored polish. It seems like regular nail polish, but the magic is that it doesn’t dry the conventional way.

After each coat, your nails are placed under a UV light for 2 minutes to cure and dry. The light automatically shuts off after 2 minutes, and immediately after that, I noticed that my nails are totally dry. Is this for real?

You can apply as much as 3 coats of the colored polish as long as you cure it under the UV light after each application.

After applying the top coat, the nails are cured under the UV light for another 4 minutes. Lastly, wipe nails off with some alcohol to remove any residue on the nails.

Ok, first up: my nail polish was dry IMMEDIATELY after. I didn’t need to be careful or avoid digging into my purse for my wallet. There was no smudge, chip or anything associated with my normal manicure mishaps. I also took a hot shower right after, and my polish didn’t bubble or  have hair marks. This looks like just the product a klutz like me needs!

The polish supposedly lasts up to 3 weeks, so let’s see just how long I can keep them on my nails. To remove the polish, you have to use a special polish/gel remover, and takes a bit of time, so make sure to call the same people who applied the UV gel polish so they can do it properly. I’m so excited to finally see chip-free polish on my fingers instead of splotches of nail paint falling off on a daily basis.

(Manila) A manicure using UV Gel polish costs around P400 ($9) at Nailicious. The pedicure will run you P500 ($12). Call Nailicious for home service at + 63932 440 7708.

(USA) For those who want to DIY UV gel nails, try Luminess Air Pro UV Starter Kit or Nail Bliss Pro Soak Off UV Gel Nail Kit

Would you rather have nail polish last you for weeks, or have the ability to change your colors on a daily basis?



  1. Haute Mom wrote:

    Can you please bring your manicurist to the states when you visit? Pretty please??? Love the UV Gel polish! I must start using this. I don’t have time for a weekly manicure and my nail polish chips all the time.

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