Haute Design: My bedroom

I’m back! I was in Chicago for work, but now i’m back to blogging.

My design aesthetic for my bedroom is clean, simple, and serene. Lots of straight lines, and shades of grey, white, blue and beige. I’m a total minimalist and absolutely hate clutter. The problem with this is that it can appear a bit too masculine…so  I mixed things up and added some red to the mix, and furniture and accessories with curves. A pop of color never hurt anybody, right? This is all a work in progress, but I just wanted to show you guys some snippets of the things I love in my room.

I look forward to this every night

Vermillion turned-leg nightstand from West Elm


A colorful tray to organize all my go-to items

Chanel bow

My polo equipment reminds me of the good times i've had on the field and in the arena.

My favorite is definitely my bed. I can lay in there all day long. Some things I am looking to add: another night stand (I am not a fan of matchy-matchy stuff so i’m looking for something else), a bench to put at the end of my bed, and a nice chair that I can put in another corner of my room. Electronics-wise, i’m adding the Beosound 8, and a flat-screen TV. I also want to put some art up on my wall, definitely loving the stuff from Fluorescent Palace. One thing I learned about shopping for furniture is that it takes a lot of patience to find the right piece.

Off to chill in my bed now.

Chantalle (Los Angeles)


  1. I LOVE your side table! Ahh… I miss furniture/home shopping with you!

  2. Name * wrote:

    loving your lamp! is that from pottery barn?

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